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The Sigurdur Flosason [De]Lux Quartet


Leading Icelandic saxophonist Sigurdur Flosason and the three well known Luxembourgish Jazz musicians Michel Reis, Marc Demuth and Jeff Herr first met in 2015 for a private concert organised by an Icelandic expat an Jazz enthusiast living in Luxembourg.


This was to be the beginning of what has now developed into a well brewed and mature unity of musicians that have since then performed at jazz festivals in both Luxembourg and Reykjavik and have now recently recorded their first album, featuring compositions from all four members.


The compositions by all four members of the band provide a good framework for the musical dialogue; a dialogue that unites whilst preserving the unique composition and performance style of each member of the quartet.


Sigurdur Flosason is one of the most influential and prolific jazz musician of Iceland and the one with the biggest international reach, having forged relationships with musical collaborators across several borders. As a driving force of jazz music education for the last 30 years, he has been responsible for mentoring a whole generation of Icelandic jazz performers, bringing the general level of jazz musicianship of his home country to unprecedented levels. Michel Reis (piano), Marc Demuth (double bass) and Jeff Herr (drums) are some of Luxembourg’s finest jazz musicians of their generation. All having been educated and influenced abroad and all having their own domestic and international careers and collaborations on-going. Truly ideal collaborators and conversationalists for this occasion, both in terms of performance, as well as compositional contributions.

  • Sigurdur Flosason: Saxophone

  • Michel Reis: Piano

  • Marc Demuth: Bass

  • Jeff Herr: Drums

CoverPreview DMCHR 71360_Sigurdur Flosas

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Additional information

Forty-nine, by Sigurdur Flosason

Father of light, by Sigurdur Flosason

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